What Is a Private Label Credit Card?

What Is a Private Label Credit Card?

In today’s economic environment, banks and fintechs need to work together to survive, but these partnerships often involve… The onset of the pandemic accelerated the adoption of payment innovations and quickly adapted how we pay. Our white-label solution has been used by Fortune 10 companies and the largest facilitators in North America. It includes professional services that allow you to customize and add any necessary functionalities. The unique advantage of our solution is that it is not only accessible as a hosted and white-label instance, but it can also be licensed.

Adding a complementary solution to your product line will increase your customers’ reliance on you. As more clients choose a single point of contact for multiple services, adding value under one roof is becoming more common. To ensure a smooth payments experience for your customers, look for a payment platform that has a strong and long-term relationship with sponsors or acquiring banks. This will ensure that payments are swift and go through successfully, more often than not. One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a white-label payment processor is that it gives ISVs the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream by expanding their offerings.

Basically, that’s the case when a customer is redirected to a payment gateway web page to type in their credit card number. When the transaction data is sent, the customer is redirected back to the merchant’s page. Here they finalize the checkout where transaction approval is shown. With White Label, customers retention improves, and customer confidence boosts when making payments. Not everyone likes to be redirected to a different website for payment; for some, it could evoke feelings of suspicion and dissatisfaction. White label payment gateways help to reassure customers of their security and your brand’s authenticity.

Drawbacks of a white-label payment gateway

In addition to its large suite of features and add-ons, the platform is highly customizable through its sandbox API and developer tools. Though it may take developer experience to take full advantage of the tools, Stripe can be completely branded to match your website. Hosting and security services are taken care of by the service provider, saving money for their customers. Being a compatible payment processor with digital assets, merchant APIs are completely personalizable.

Instead, with the right partner like Y2 Payments on your side, it’s the way forward. If you need additional methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, or mobile wallets (e.g. Apple Pay), you’ll need to integrate them separately with their APIs. The second thing you should pay attention to is daily or monthly transaction limits. These occur pretty rarely, but also play a huge role for gateway provider choice. Given this information, we’re going to look at the existing integration options and explain the pros and cons of each.


MONEI protects you against fraud, can issue refunds and helps your business succeed. It’s the simplest and cheapest way to start making money on your site. Moving money with ease Move your money online transparently and securely — no paperwork or compliance when accepting payments to start a business. Integrating MONEI as your payment gateway will help you boost your conversion rates. Insanely Simple We designed MONEI in a way that anyone can use it. Today you, tomorrow your six years old child on their way to conquer the business world.

Drawbacks of a white-label payment gateway

For instance, if now you have a department of 3 employees in charge of merchant onboarding, after its automation, one employee will be able to handle it. Payment processing can eat up a great chunk of your budget unless chosen wisely. Therefore, we recommend doing your research before committing.

Popular payment gateway providers

In addition to the website, social media pages, apps, and other channels, a customized integrated payment gateway solution also helps improve your brand’s visibility to consumers. Customers tend to spend a significant amount of time on the payment page trying to figure out which method to use or entering the card details. This makes a white-label payment gateway that contains your brand’s logo, color theme, and other eccentricities a great way to ensure top-of-mind recall. Customers will subconsciously think about your brand when they want to buy the same product or something else listed on your website. A white-label payment gateway can be a great option if you’re running a business with several verticals, each of which complements the other.

Drawbacks of a white-label payment gateway

For many companies, it’s one more potential service avenue, as well as a stronger image and reputation. Imagine, for example, you provide turnkey business technology services to brick and mortar merchants. The ability to offer credit card processing to those same merchants, and get a slice of their sales, is an incredible one, and that’s exactly what white label credit https://xcritical.com/ card processing services allow you to do. It’s essentially a third-party provider that processes payments on behalf of the business and takes a small fee in return. PayPipes is build to simplify connectivity and management of Acquiring Banks, Alternative Payments and Risk Management Tools. PayPipes connects with multiple top-rated payment gateways globally.

Secure Payments

Now we are moving closer to payment gateways in their variety. To integrate a payment system into your website, you will have to follow multiple steps. Private label credit cards tend to have higher interest than other credit cards, too, which makes carrying a credit card balance more expensive. Co-branded credit cards include both the store’s branding and major card network’s logo and can be used anywhere the card network is accepted.

You can also control your customer experience by providing them with the service and support they need to be successful using your payment gateway. As for the expert’s opinions, decentralized finance can be considered as the megatrend of the financial industry. The white-label payment gateway works as a game-changer leveraging the power of decentralized finance for executing seamless cryptocurrency transactions. Backed up by advanced features and tools, it supports the fraud battle of companies.

  • Studies show that redirections often confuse users causing a lot of them to abandon the cart.
  • The Clear service helps businesses integrate WePay into their websites and checkouts without redirecting customers.
  • We design custom pricing and tailored payment services that work for you and your business model.
  • Though you didn’t produce it yourself, you will still receive a small percentage of the profit when customers use it.

Within this instance, thanks to your specific settings, the user experience is customized according to your requirements. The best online payment gateway solution in UAE and throughout the Middle East for Small & Medium-Sized businesses. A payment gateway must constantly go through the PCI DSS compliance, accreditation, server maintenance, mandates, upgrading and updating process and system and code testing. The end solution is a ready-to-market product that is already polished for the brand and market without growing headaches and pains. Fattmerchant is a payment solutions and technology provider for merchants and ISVs and has seen tremendous growth for the … Payment gateways also come with a suite of value-added features that make managing a merchant’s transactions and business easier.

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When contactless was initially launched in the UK 14 years ago the limit was set at £10. Consumer behaviors have changed radically since 2020, but e-commerce trends appear to still be going strong. NMI employees recently participated in the first NMI Cares initiative, a global, company-wide commitment of paying it forw… You will receive a white-label solution with a complete card-present solution, including SoftPOS and remote key loading mechanisms.

As a result, they are looking for more flexible white label credit card processing offerings and gateway solutions. Companies that want to improve their image and reputation in the eyes of competitors and clients find it very beneficial to resort to white label services of third-party gateway providers. However, they become payment gateway providers only in name. Most of the process is controlled and handled by third parties, i.e. the actual gateway providers. Currently, Stripe is available in 120 countries and can process over 130 different currencies – so it works great for international brands. To accept electronic payments and be able to process credit or debit cards, a merchant uses a payment gateway.

When it comes to white label gateways, they work just like any other gateway – have the same features, level of security, and certifications. But as they are not branded by the provider, businesses can customize the online checkout process with their own names, logos, or brand elements or add new features they need. Being a long-time investment, developing a custom payment gateway is quite reasonable for a company with a large yearly revenue. For companies handling fewer than 20 thousand transactions per year, a customer payment solution is unnecessary. But for merchants conducting over 1-2 million transactions, the savings quickly mount up. The infrastructure of online payment processing is a little bit more complicated than you might imagine.

Top Benefits of a White-Label Payment Gateway

Redirecting to a third-party payment gateway raises questions and suspicions for several users when customers are trying to make online payments. This is particularly applicable to customers who white label payment gateway have come to your website for the first time and need more clarification about the site’s credibility. This could be one of the most significant reasons you face high cart abandonment rates.

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Our Chief Strategy Officer, Nick Starai, sat down with CNBC to discuss what small businesses need to focus on and prioriti… Retailers, restaurateurs and other merchants have made significant changes to adapt to health and safety requirements, evo… The concept checks the boxes for doing business in a pandemic, but it takes the right technology to make it work. Our chief strategy officer, Nick Starai, connected with The Fintech Times to discuss how to solve the contactless transit … Insight to partner with existing investors Francisco Partners and Great Hill Partners.

Shared Responsibilities and Ownership – As long as the payment gateway is working correctly, the business will not be solely responsible or saddled with any problems. They can alternatively concentrate on fixing or improving the payment service. Specialized assistance and customer feedback for service improvement are also available to the business. This way, it can focus on its core services and day-to-day operations. Lately, many vendors of gateway technologies, such as UniPay Gateway added the option for payment gateway virtualization. Instead of physically installing separate independent gateway instances on dedicated servers, particular nodes within a cluster are allocated to you .

Plenty of the business owners are allured by the idea of integrating the payments into their software or apps. It is possible to handle online payments for both parties safely and expand the client’s base on the national and international levels. There are lots of benefits when you are opting for the white label payment gateway. Make sure your white-label processing partner supports a range of payment methods and currencies for the end-user. These can greatly improve customer satisfaction and help you serve a larger customer base.

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